GEC Northfield UN-X-LD #488217 Weasel, Sweet Pickle Jig Bone
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GEC Northfield UN-X-LD #488217 Weasel, Sweet Pickle Jig Bone

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Traditional Pocket Knife

GEC Northfield UN-X-LD #488217 Weasel, Sweet Pickle Jig Bone

Great Eastern Cutlery prefers to be known for “MADE IN THE USA”.  This manufacturing company established in August of 2006 in Titusville, PA, has begun a renaissance in classic traditional pocket knives by recreating the old knife patterns as close to authentic as has been seen in 75 years.  They blend a mix of mostly manufacturing processes and a few contemporary machine operations to produce high quality classically designed pocket cutlery.  In just a few short years Great Eastern Cutlery has achieved a reputation for craftsmanship and dedication to tradition, and along the way they have become a successful American manufacturing company.
Most Great Eastern Cutlery employees have been with the company from the beginning, and are considered part of the Great Eastern family.  Over the years these members have become highly skilled in the performance of their craft, and rightfully so as they get a keen sense of accomplishment when they see a finished Great Eastern Cutlery pocket knife.  Typically, more than 200 individual processes are required, and only the finest materials are used to build a knife that will look, feel, and perform like an authentic American pocket knife from the late 19th and early 20th century, the golden age of pocket cutlery.
Presented is a favorite among Great Eastern Cutlery fans.   New in tube is the Northfield UN-X-LD #488217 Weasel (Improved Trapper), in Sweet Pickle Jig Bone featuring mirror polished 1095 High Carbon Steel Clip Point main blade and Wharncliffe secondary blade.  This sleek pocket knife has gorgeous Sweet Pickle Jig Bone handle scales.  The Northfield UN-X-LD Weasel has a closed length of 3 7/8".   Other features included: Nickel silver lined bolsters, brass liners, and UN-X-LD shield.  This Northfield UN-X-LD #488217 Weasel in Sweet Pickle Jig Bone, deserves a place in your pocket or GEC collection.   Buy this awesome GEC Northfield UN-X-LD #488217 Weasel now, you will be glad you did!

Condition:  New
Origin:  USA
Type:  Folding
Construction:  Slip Joint
Blade Steel:  1095 High Carbon Steel
Handle Material: Sweet Pickle Jig Bone
Closed Length: 3 7/8”
Liners:  Brass
Bolsters: Nickel Silver Lined Bolster
Shield: UN-X-LD shield

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